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Everything Worth Having Comes Easy

Some say “The joy is in the journey”, and nothing could be more true. But, the most wonderful thing about a joyful journey is: It brings amazing results, too!


Every athlete, artist, performer … every successful entrepreneur, actor, chef … everybody who excels in some area of their life knows this wonderful state of mind. It’s called “being in the zone”, “flow state” … and it’s when

  • you feel ease and flow
  • unique & fresh ideas are occuring to you, seemingly out of the blue
  • your mind is clear and your focus sharpened
  • your body feels vital & alive
  • you know that everything is possible for you.

You might feel one or all of these… might feel optimistic, calm, joyful, excited … but the common denominator is that you feel GOOD.

And, one thing more:

Being ‘in the flow zone’ is the most productive state there is.

When you feel like this …

  • don’t you want to go out and learn & practice?
  • don’t you want to start the most exciting new projects?
  • don’t you want to connect and cooperate with everybody who comes your way?
  • don’t you want to change the world?

When you achieve something while ‘being in the flow-zone’, you are not only amazingly successful. It also is fun. Big time.

Based on my almost 5 decades of life experience, all of my coaching & self development now is centered around the question: “How can people experience this state of excellence more often?” And more intense.

My 2 general answers:

  • It’s all a matter of focus.
  • There is no unique way for all – every human has there individual way to excellence.

Often, the entrance door to a positive focus is quieting your mind completely. In the stillness of mind, the door is open to every kind of positive inspiration.

From this stillness where there is no thought, there is an easy pathway to positive, productive and good-feeling thoughts and actions.

Another way is appreciation. To appreciate something – no matter if past moments, current situations or dreams of the future – brings an incredibly positive force into your life.

Yeah … sounds really good … but:

“How can I get there from here?”

This is where my coaching starts. Let your individual projects & life situations take off … to a more and more positive, productive place!!

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  • 50€ for 45 minutes … plus 1€ per additional minute

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