Career Coaching: Know What You Want … And Get It!

Many people are currently on a quest for …

  • their dream job
  • a motivating and inspiring occupation
  • something that is fun and at the same time provides a living.
Orientierungslosigkeit im Beruf

You may have pulled out all the stops, behaved according to relevant career and professional recommendations – and … it still doesn’t work out. Or you don’t get happy.

Sometimes there are inexplicable “inner barriers” against professional success. Or total inner chaos and not knowing which direction to take.

This seems to run through all age groups. It is a time of professional crises – but also of fresh starts and new beginnings.

Ask yourself a few questions:

What do I want to work for?

Of course, it’s partly about surviving and earning money, perhaps building a career, gaining power and influence … but such a purpose alone is rarely truly satisfying.

Each human being also carries within them a deeper desire: The desire to make a difference. This may not be so clear to you at the moment, but it can have many facets:

  • Perhaps it is the desire to contribute to a better society.
  • Or to build a happy family, to give your children a healthy basis for a fulfilling life.
  • It can be something very concrete, for example, if you work in environmental protection or in social work.
  • Or becoming a good communicator, to bring positive energy into the work environment.
  • You may want to raise to the top, move up the ladder … To bring your own positive vision of leadership into the world.

What is my vision for life?

The area of “work, profession, vocation” can never be separated from other areas of life.

Good questions to ask yourself are:

  • How would I like to live 5 years from now?
  • What would my perfect day look like?
  • What is my bigger vision, the common thread that runs through my entire life?

Exploring the target

Idealer Arbeitsplatz ...

Get clear about what suits you best …

1. Personality

  • What kind of person do I want to be when I pursue my dream job?
  • What qualities are needed for this vocation?
  • How can I develop my personality to go down this path?

2. Conviction and Attitude

  • How does a person who does this successfully think and feel?
  • What does he or she believe – about himself, the world, her work?

For example, if I want to be a cab driver, a meaningful belief might be: “Sitting in a car is the most beautiful place in the world”.

3. Occupation

  • What would such a person do most of the time?
  • Would I enjoy it – or would it at least be fully acceptable for me?
  • Would this doing also be motivating for other areas of my life?
  • Would I come home happy / satisfied most of the time – or do I fear frustration, stress or even health problems?

4. Environment

  • What does my work environment look like when I do this job?
  • What kind of people do I deal with on a daily basis?
  • Do I love this environment – or can I at least handle it well?
  • Does it inspire me to new ideas?

For example, if you want to be an artist or freelancer, you might often work alone and have to motivate yourself entirely on your own.

As a project manager or product designer in a larger company (and in many other professions), you may have an open office with a corresponding noise level around you.

As a sales professional, you will probably spend lots of time “on the road,” inclusive working unpaid overtime.

Finding the path

Den Berufsweg finden
Once a really good-feeling direction has been found, it is time to look for a path that will get you there.

5. Skills

  • Which competences do I need?
  • Which of them do I already have – and what skills do I still need to acquire?
  • How can I learn these?

6. Strenghts

  • What am I particularly good at?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • How can I use this for my goal?

7. Weaknesses

  • What is difficult for me?
  • How can I compensate for this – or even make it a strength?
  • How can I change my path so that I can use my strengths?

8. The Price

We have already looked at the advantages of your new route … now let’s get to the downside.

  • What price do I have to pay for my dream job?
  • Am I ready for that?
  • How will I deal with potential setbacks?

Can Coaching help?

Coaching can be about finding out all that:

  • what you really want deep inside – your heart’s desires
  • how to get there … the path
  • what is preventing you from following it
  • first steps you can take immediately towards your goal.

I wish you full motivation, delight in searching and finding … and do not forget:

Every crisis is also an opportunity. The greater the crisis, the greater the opportunity.

By Thomas Fuchs

*1968 in Berlin - lived in Leipzig (D) and Paris (F) - Key Account Manager - Motivational Coach - Parkour Athlete - Influencer