Coaching Methods

Based on my qualifications, I have developed and refined simple and powerful methods that are (supposed to be) fun while providing the greatest benefit.


  • Meditation:┬áBy that I mean everything that allows your thoughts to flow freely – and thus opens the space for inspiration and new beautiful ideas.
  • The Upward Spiral:┬áChange your thoughts and perspectives on an issue and immediately find a better feelingÔÇŽ as a basis for really good ideas and solutions.
  • The Inner Movie:┬áYou create the film of your most wonderful dream life and can go step by step towards it.
  • Emotional Relief: Just let negative emotions flow and discover how to powerfully transform situations.
  • Express Yourself:┬áSurprising or funny expressions (e.g., animal sounds) dissolve negative patterns and make room for the new and positive
  • Role Play:┬áan effective technique to resolve interpersonal conflicts.
  • Goal and Strategy:┬áFind powerful, ‘magnetic’ goals – and your individual strategy to achieve them.

My Main Qualifications


NeuroLinguistic Programming is based on the 3 most powerful factors influencing human experience: Neurology, Language and Programming. The neurological system regulates our bodily functions, language influences how we communicate and our ‘programming’ creates our model of the world.

You can use the methods of NLP e.g. to

  • change unwanted behaviors in yourself
  • replace limiting ways of thinking with more useful ones
  • improve your communication skills with yourself and others
  • achieve better and more accurate results, and
  • improve the quality of your experience – more simply put: feel better more often than before.

NLP is an open system of different methods, but with unified guidelines:

Principles of NLP

  • Every action is based on a positive intention. People always make the best decision, based on their current knowledge and experience. There are no mistakes, only experiences.
  • The map is not the territory. What we experience is always a reproduction of our senses (a map of what is happening, which each person experiences differently), and can therefore be changed.
  • Life is a systemic process. Our body, our society and our universe form a complex ‘ecosystem’ whose components constantly interact and influence each other.

The basis of my understanding of NLP is to look at people and their intentions / actions in a non-judgmental way. As well as under the aspect of constant change, which can be influenced towards a positive and joyful direction.


Relationship-Oriented Meridian-Based Psychotherapy, Counselling & Coaching

  • is an innovative method for stress reduction and overcoming emotional blocks,
  • enhances one’s self-efficacy, conficence, personal influence and performance
  • provides balance and well-being and helps to be successful in private and professional life.

ROMPC® uses new findings in neurobiology, stress research and psychotrauma research to

  • dissolve disturbing patterns in behavior, thinking and feeling and to
  • build healing relationships.

My Own Approach

Over the last 12 years I have selected the simplest methods and often simplified them further. In the process, I have ended up with the basic building blocks of human experience:

Thoughts and Emotions

Through our thoughts we create and change our world.

Our feelings/emotions show us where we are heading – toward or away from our goal.

  • Positive, constructive thoughts lead to good feelings and inspired, useful action.
  • A better feeling is the powerful basis to get you closer to your goals (through good ideas, useful impulses and new strength arising).

This ‘change work’ can be done with small exercises per day and – it is fun. We will find out the right exercises for you in the coaching.