The Diary of Beautiful Things

After all, we live in special times. In powerful times of change.

And while some things in the world aren’t the way you might want them to be, you can use this time to just feel good… or at least a little bit better. Because that will change so much in your life.

Today I show you a very effective method for this:

The diary of beautiful things.

Find during the day – or collected for the day, preferably in the evening….

  • Beautiful moments
  • Things you appreciate
  • Good feelings.

You then write that moment or experience in your journal.

What do you write down?

A short keyphrase that reminds you of the positive feeling, like:

  • That eye contact that felt like flirtation
  • I am thankful for my washing machine, it is so reliable
  • I am proud because I have achieved xxx
  • This dog/child and my joy at meeting it
  • Spontaneously had a feeling of love, for no reason.

The important thing is that you have a good feeling while writing it down and reading it. For example

Hope, joy, pride, confidence, fun, ease, love….

You’ll quickly notice what feels good.

In the following days, weeks and months, observe how your life changes!

  • Maybe you’re starting to feel better.
  • Or you may not notice anything yourself, but others will perceive you more positively.
  • Perhaps you perceive that problems become easier to solve and previously difficult situations become simpler.
  • Or you will soon experience a big, great, positive surprise?! Can you feel it?

Find out & have fun…

Thomas Fuchs

By Thomas Fuchs

*1968 in Berlin - lived in Leipzig (D) and Paris (F) - Key Account Manager - Motivational Coach - Parkour Athlete - Influencer

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