Leadership Coaching – (Re)Igniting The Inner Fire

There are two things that characterize truly successful companies:

  • A corporate culture in which the individual employee feels accepted, valued and listened to.
  • A goal or mission statement that the individual can stand behind and identify with – with the feeling that ‘what I am doing here makes sense and brings something new, beautiful or useful into the world’.

People want to contribute – that is our nature.

And companies in which such guidelines are truly lived are places of satisfaction and joy in creation – and thus not only of financial but also of human success.

What is the first step, the basis for this comprehensive success to strive for?

To prepare the ground for this, a leader – team leader, owner or company founder – is needed who lives this vision from the heart and carries it into the company.

  • Often there was this powerful vision as a “motor” in the founding phase of the company – but became somehow diluted or forgotten in the day-to-day business later.
  • Or the founding vision no longer has this “attraction power” because the company, its goals and creations have evolved so much that it needs something new and fresh.
  • Advancement is normal and unavoidable! A powerful company vision is therefore not something that is defined once “forever”, but is subject to constant testing against reality and regular change.

And this development should have one thing above all: it should be fun. Long-term success grows out of the joy of doing and active participation in the development & deployment – whether as a doer, planner or visionary.


How does Leadership Coaching work?

Leaders often find themselves in a tense situation between problems, questions, decisions to be made quickly … accompanied by a slight or stronger feeling of being overwhelmed … sometimes even questioning the meaning of it all.

Of course, you bring all this with you to the coaching session – at least in your head. But we completely change the perspective in coaching.

Insight 1: Real solutions don’t emerge from an awareness of the problem, but from a larger perspective.

Clarity arises in the change from “problem energy” to “solution energy”, from an overwhelmed to an optimistic feeling.

To get this “feeling for the big picture”, new clarity, new overview we use different methods depending on the personality type: body awareness, relaxation, connection with positive emotions, visualization, creative self-expression…. and others.

Powerful questions often help to align us deliberately with a vivid company vision:

  • What was your main reason for starting the company – or for beginning your business? What did you want to bring into the world with this company?
  • How did you want your world to be when you were a child? What did you want to change back then?
  • If all these wishes were fulfilled, how would you feel?

Insight 2: Only when you feel really good can new ideas flow.

Inspiration comes with letting go, relief, and optimism – with joyful anticipation, deep connection, feelings of happiness…. with a playful sense of lightness and / or deep meaning in what I do.

Ideas are allowed to flow from this positive state of mind … and they come, as experience shows, in various forms: inner images, words – or simply a feeling of “I want that”.

The new company vision can sometimes be the “old” one – but strengthened with new power, momentum and vitality. Mostly, however, something changed or completely new emerges during coaching.

The essential thing is the playful lightness of the process. After an initial brainstorming during coaching, fresh thoughts may arise and be collected in the next days or weeks, whenever you feel good – in the shower, during sports or hobbies, while celebrating, in the morning when you wake up …

… so that the new, living company vision finally emerges from a pool of collected ideas – through a powerful technique of “condensing” them down to the essentials.

What are the options for implementation?

As a coach, I am also happy to accompany you with the implementation of the new corporate vision together with your employees. A good motto for this could be: Do not fight against difficulties or weak points – but find strengths and positive aspects, promote them and develop them further.

My concrete offers for this are:

1. Individual coaching sessions with employees

  • What connects the employee with the company?
  • What are his/her wishes – for themselves and for the company?
  • What are their personal life dreams and visions, and how can these bring momentum and joy into their daily work?

2. Team empowerment & integration

Coaching can be very well combined with powerful team-strengthening events – for this I would be happy to recommend external offers for a holistic concept.

Rekindle the inner fire … and carry it further!

I wish you lots of joy in the process

Thomas Fuchs

By Thomas Fuchs

*1968 in Berlin - lived in Leipzig (D) and Paris (F) - Key Account Manager - Motivational Coach - Parkour Athlete - Influencer