Phone and Video Coaching

I have had telephone and video coaching in my portfolio since 2010, making it my core offer from 2020 onwards.

As in personal coaching, I apply the following principles:

1. Sustainability

Beyond just counseling, I offer exercises and powerful ‘tools’ for you to use at home to achieve your desired goals.

2. Simplicity

Simpler is better. My focus is on easy, understandable and often short exercises that are comprehensible and repeatable for you.

3. Good Feeling

As in personal coaching, my main intention is that you first feel better. Because then the inspiration flows and good, helpful ideas can emerge!

Ideally, we will find together the impetus or even a deep inner motivation for an important change… as well as a short exercise to ‘stick with it’ for the next days and weeks!

Just send me Your request.

Coaching can and should be fun.

Examples of Methods…

…that are well suited for video / telephone coaching:

The Upward Spiral

To feel better, it is sufficient to look at a situation from a different perspective. For example

  • by remembering that you have already mastered similar situations
  • if you imagine what it would be like if the solution were already there now
  • By finding ‘clues’ that you are already on the right track and have the skills you need.

We write down these amazing-feeling thoughts, positively picking up more and more speed! This can be learned and taken home.

Meditation and Letting-Go

For me, meditation is everything that lets the thoughts come to rest – and thereby creates space for new, positive ideas and feelings.

Inner Journey

We work with intuition and imagination in this concept.

Conflict situations are often represented by inner images, which bring the corresponding emotions to life.

By allowing and “flowing” the emotions, a feeling of relief arises, the conflict image transforms into a solution image.

New ideas and solutions emerge as if by magic.