Quick Emotional Relief

Imagine your current “favorite conflict” in the form of an inner picture.

This can be a real image of the people involved, or a symbolic image of the conflict – for example, rabbit and snake, or the train that comes speeding up while you are lying on the tracks.

The image that comes first and with ease is the right one … and it may be blurred or washed out. That’s OK.

  • Look at the picture and find the emotion you feel – for example, hate, anger, sadness or panic.
  • Locate the emotion in the body: where do you feel this sensation most strongly?
  • Now let the feeling flow in your body. Give it permission to expand to your whole body, from head to toe.
  • Now go one step further: Allow the emotion to expand beyond your body – and to flow into the picture. Flow the emotion especially into your “adversary” in the picture – whatever that is.

Maybe you see the emotion flowing as a dark cloud, as flashing arrows – or whatever. Always stay with the feeling and flow it…. Do not try to achieve anything or change anything. Just observe.

  • Observe if the image changes – or the feeling, but watch it in complete aimlessness. No effort.
  • When the feeling changes, for example fear into aggression – now flow this new feeling.
  • If your image changes, stream your emotions into the new image.

Maybe the picture changes towards a solution, or the emotion to a positive feeling. However, this does not have to happen.

Plan B

  • Ask yourself, “What would I most like to do right now?”

Maybe you would tear someone apart in the air or run amok in an authority office. Do this in your mind (!) and don’t put any restrictions on yourself. In the imagination everything is allowed.

  • Observe how your feeling changes and what happens with the picture. Experience the healing effect … and also the feeling underneath. Maybe anger turns into sadness before changing to something more positive.
  • Then flow this new feeling. Perhaps the sadness will turn into compassion – or the aggression into joy.

Have fun trying it out!

By Thomas Fuchs

*1968 in Berlin - lived in Leipzig (D) and Paris (F) - Key Account Manager - Motivational Coach - Parkour Athlete - Influencer

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