The Upward Spiral

What we think, we begin to feel. What we think and feel we will bring (manifest) into our lives sooner or later.

Most adults have trained themselves more on negative thoughts than on positive ones, and life develops accordingly. We learn in coaching to reverse this process!

  • The Upward Spiral is an exercise I developed exactly for this.
  • We start with a situation that is not going so well in your life right now. Together we begin to change your perspective on it.
  • You will first and foremost notice how you feel better about this issue, then discover new possibilities and finally meaningful ways of solving it.

Discover the power of positive thoughts!

This exercise is very simple and short (a few sentences on a piece of paper or in your head). I first suggest the wording, then I explain the principles… so that you can build your own Upward Spirals, step by step, on any subject.

How is this different from affirmations and conventional positive thinking?

Maybe you’ve already told yourself phrases in front of the mirror and wondered why sometimes they work and other times seem to ‘backfire’?

The Upward Spiral involves your instantaneous feeling in each moment, and your new sentences and thoughts are formed from this ’emotional location’ each time.

As feedback that it’s working, you’ll get a nicer feeling with each phrase (and if not, you can always change the wording, learning the exercise better and better).

And that’s really fun!

By Thomas Fuchs

*1968 in Berlin - lived in Leipzig (D) and Paris (F) - Key Account Manager - Motivational Coach - Parkour Athlete - Influencer

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