Fantasthenics Coaching

You want to make a CHANGE – a new behaviour, project… or the fulfilment of a life-long dream?

You want to work more on your GOALS – e.g. go out and move and live healthy?

Or just CLARITY about what you really want?

All changes start by the way we think. During 12 years as a Professional Coach, I developed an amazing simple and effective system for personal change.

We find simple exercises that work for you, to carry out during daily life. You will notice immediate change by the way you FEEL! One session is often enough.

Price for Zoom or Skype coaching via PayPal:

  • 70 € for 45 minutes

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    I'm a certified NLP Master Coach and ROMPC® Counselor & Coach, working as a Professional since 2010.

    Thomas Fuchs

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