Insta Coaching for Self Motivation & Social Media Success

During 12 years as a Professional Coach incl. 5 years of daily training & Social Media, I gained deep insights + developed powerful methods for


Now it’s time to share this knowledge with you.

This coaching is for you, if you

  • want to set powerful goals and keep moving towards them
  • want to keep yourself motivated, good-feeling & inspired every day
  • are looking for more FUN and FULFILMENT in your life

AND are willing to change the way you THINK, step by step, to access your INNER POWER.

This is a UNIQUE offer for my Instagram community, to thank you for 100k:

You will get 30 minutes of PERSONAL VIDEO COACHING for 30 Euro.

This offer is valid until

18th September 2022

and will not be repeated anytime soon, or ever.

  • Additional Bonus: You can ask me any questions about SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY, and if I’m able to answer, I will.

Now, let’s have FUN with it. You can BOOK HERE below ­čĹç­čĆŻ

Attention: All bookings are in CEST (Central European Summer Time). If you live in a different time zone, you have to MANUALLY CONVERT THE TIME – or drop me a message at


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The coaching will be via ZOOM in English or German language.

If you didn’t find a time slot for you or have additional questions before booking this coaching, drop me a message at:

I’m looking forward to see ya! … Thomas Fuchs aka Fantasthenics

I'm a certified NLP Master Coach and ROMPC® Counselor & Coach, working as a Professional since 2010.

Thomas Fuchs

More information (in German) about me as a Coach here: