Coaching Methods

Simple and effective methods ready to use in a coaching session:
  • Meditation: means everything that helps you to quiet your mind and open yourself up for inspiration.
  • The Upwards Spiral: You’ll shift your thoughts and perspective to immediately feel better, then find inspiration and solutions.
  • The Inner Movie: You create the movie of your most amazing dream life. Now, let’s walk toward it.
  • Emotional Flow: Transform negative emotions, to powerfully change life situations.
  • Express yourself: Surprising or funny expressions (e.g. animal noises) break negative patterns and open up a new, positive space.
  • Role Play: a powerful technique to solve interpersonal conflicts.
  • Goal and Strategy: Express your goals in a powerful, magnetic way – and find your personal strategy to go towards them.

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    I'm a certified NLP Master Coach and ROMPC® Counselor & Coach, working as a Professional since 2010.

    Thomas Fuchs

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