Inspired Leadership

You are a leader in one way or form:

  • You want to achieve goals together with a team…. or
  • You lead the way with an idea, a lifestyle, a product
  • You convey something to others: Knowledge, art, philosophy…

… and would like to do this even better, more authentically, more inspirationally.

Coaching helps you to find out:

  • How To Lead By Example – your unique, individual way
  • How to connect more deeply with FEELING and INTUITION and thereby make good, powerful decisions (inspired action)
  • A deeper meaning, an inner (heart) motivation that gives you power, pulls you forward and thereby inspires other people.

I myself was, among other things, a key account manager for international 7-8 digit projects, a self-employed flirt & motivational coach, now a worldwide inspiring role model: athlete / brand creator / influencer…