7 Principles

  1. Coaching is not meant to lead you in a predetermined direction, but to increase your choices – so you can make better decisions.
  2. You are the expert for your life. I am the coaching expert who suggests new perspectives and exercises for you. You can test them and keep what works best.
  3. Coaching is a tool for self-help – through methods that you can easily integrate into your everyday life.
  4. We work in a solution-oriented way. Talking about the problem can help and relieve, but there is so much more power in the solution.
  5. You should first and foremost FEEL BETTER during and after a session, as an immediate result.
  6. Simple, direct and fast: We work with thoughts, emotions and the 5 senses (e.g. through visualization). In these basics, there is the greatest leverage.
  7. Less is more. One session can be enough to change the direction of your life.

Basics of my Methodology

Small steps lead to big changes

Each ascent consists of individual steps!

Walking these steps with joy, discovering and enjoying the surprises along the way – this is the guarantee of a beautiful and powerful experience at the summit.

A change of perspective helps to experience things in a new and fresh way

We often cannot control or quickly change external circumstances.

What we can change immediately, however, is our perspective:
  • An unplanned rest can be an opportunity to find deep inner peace and serenity.
  • A seeming backwards step can awaken a deep desire in us, and let something completely new begin.
  • A falling boulder can be the first step of your upward staircase!

Everything is useful

Sometimes we criticize ourselves or others – for actions or non-actions, life circumstances, even for our thoughts.

My intention is to acknowledge and appreciate everything as positive, because it is part of life’s journey and experience and makes you who you are now.

Compliments have so much more power than criticism.

Everything is possible

Where there is a wish, there is a way. Many ways.

External evaluations like age, origin, physical conditions, financial situation etc. are only snapshots, judgments of our thoughts. If we change our thoughts, we change our world – in little steps.

Path and goal are flexible and changeable. But as soon as the path becomes more important than the goal, every step can bring joy.

The power of positive emotions

The deeper goal behind everything we want – be it big money, a romantic love affair or a powerful body – is always a feeling. For example, a feeling of self-determination and power, of love and deep trust, of strength and vitality.

While we usually can’t achieve our big goals today – we can find the corresponding feeling NOW.
  • Have you ever paid attention to how differently you experience the world when you are happy?
  • Have you ever noticed how differently other people then react to you?

Beautiful feelings and emotions are like an engine that pulls us pleasantly forward – providing us with sparkling ideas and wonderful encounters, and letting us see all the small opportunities and big possibilities we so desire.

Trust and the freedom of choice

  • You only tell me what you really want to tell. Since I work solution and process oriented, my coaching works even if I know nothing about your topic.
  • I will suggest exercises or methods – but the choice is yours! There are always many ways to reach a goal.

Self Empowerment

Usually, you feel better immediately after a coaching session … but then what? My intention is to give you exercises that you can do yourself at home – with little time and maximum fun.

My wish is that you make it on your own – because the feeling is just great!


What I pass on are the same things that have helped me the most. This is the path that I walk myself.

See you … I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Thomas Fuchs