Personal Coaching To Change Your Life

Life is change. Change is life. Sometimes we are surprised by it – as with the sudden loss of a familiar environment. Sometimes we eagerly desire it to escape situations or achieve a great goal.

In personal coaching, we can use the widest range of methods and techniques for change – in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Coaching is a matter of trust. You tell me only what you want to tell. Since coaching activates your own creativity, zest for life or self-healing power – whatever is needed – I can also work without knowing your topic.

Potential Topics for a Coaching Session:

These are just examples. Maybe you’ll never need coaching – or you’ll find fantastic help from me with a completely different topic. In any case, I look forward to meet you: Contact

Professional & Career Changes:

  • Starting a business … accomplishing the freedom of self-employment
  • Finding solutions to conflicts or bullying in the workplace
  • Overcoming burnout / finding work-life balance
  • Joyful and meaningful professional advancement

Everyday Topics:

  • Overcoming fears or self-doubt… finding self-confidence
  • Boost your self-organization or self-motivation
  • Stop putting things off and get into action …

… and the ‘Big Issues’ of Life:

  • Finding goals that give you strength … for which you love to get up every day!
  • Mastering changes in private or professional life & gaining new strength out of it.
  • Solving conflicts in partnership or family … finding harmony again
  • During / after illnesses or life crises: Finding support and reorientation
  • Realizing projects and life dreams
  • Bringing more serenity, community, drive, enthusiasm, love… into your life.