Realizing Your Life’s Dreams

Do you have a dream of a lifetime, for example

  • a wonderful relationship
  • Your dream job
  • a big, beautiful project?

What did you want to become or bring into the world when you were a child?

I invite you now to get new strength and inspiration for your dream.

Take some time in a quiet place. Think about your dream project now.

Do you feel good?

Does it feel nice, do you feel relief, anticipation… excitement?
Then scroll down to “Riding the wave”!

Otherwise just read on …

Sometimes we don’t feel so positive about our life dreams. We might feel frustration, sadness or anger… And if you’re feeling that way right now, you may be thinking that your dream is difficult, far away or something is in the way.

Let go of your project for a moment and sit back.

The Emotional Rise

Slowly read through the following statements, one at a time. Observe if you feel better than before.

If not, can you change the sentences?

Take your time and breathe deeply. The exercise can feel like you are gradually walking up a gentle incline … while the sun slowly rises on the horizon.

  1. I have already realized private or professional projects in my life.
  2. I have overcome difficult situations, and survived in the process.
  3. In retrospect, I even learned something from every difficult situation.
  4. Life is constant change. Therefore, it is absolutely certain that the situation and feeling will change.
  5. I don’t have to solve everything here and now.
  6. There is nothing I need to solve right this minute.
  7. I don’t even need to know the solution at this moment.
  8. I might as well relax right now.
  9. Basically, I know that solutions and inspiration come when I let go and relax.
  10. Sometimes I forget this, but that is part of life. I don’t have to be perfect – and I’m OK the way I am.
  11. It’s good to know that I don’t have to do anything in particular at this moment.
  12. Relaxation can even be boring. But maybe in this slight boredom I slowly get the desire to do something.
  13. It’s beautiful and exciting to just follow inspiration and natural impulses.
  14. I love the moments when I receive ideas and solutions – sometimes unexpected, and those are often the best.
  15. I love it when my dreams really take off – and my projects come to life.
  16. I love the strong impulse to act when no wild horses can hold me back.
  17. I’m kind of super excited about my dream project now, my lifelong dream!

🎉 Yeah!

Riding The Wave

Auf der Welle der guten Gefühle reiten

Now think about your project and ask yourself the following question:

Why do I want this?

If you ask yourself this question deeply enough, sooner or later you will end up with a feeling.

It just feels good … for example:

  • I want to feel the flow of creative ideas in cooperation with like-minded people … work together, celebrate, laugh and enjoy the progress of this dream project.
  • I want to wake up every morning full of desire and anticipation and can hardly wait … to be on my path. To feel the magic of a new beginning – every single day.
  • I want to feel the power of my body, the interaction of strength, timing and intuition … arrive exhausted but overjoyed at the finish line and bathe in the recognition …
  • I’m anticipation the feelings of love, delight and belonging when this very special person will come into my life… the freshness and adventure of falling in love again….
Write down – and enjoy. If no sentences come, take pictures or just your body feeling.

Ready? Now let your gaze glide relaxed over the paper and linger where it feels nice. Do this like a meditation … If thoughts come, let them be, but focus on your delightful sensations.

Clarity flows …

Now let more details flow into your project. This can be the course of a beautiful, successful day … or just a perfect moment. With other people or alone.

Stay with your feeling and create a dream world around it, a virtual reality. A 3D film to touch with all your senses. Let the details come into being – without straining yourself. Clarity is simple, easy and beautiful.

Watch how you feel better and better as more details develop!

Jumping off at the right time

It is important to “jump off” at the peak of this exercise.

Usually after a while your mind will get too involved …. maybe it will find reasons why this or that is hard or doesn’t work. Catch this moment. If you are mindful with your feeling, you will succeed more and more easily with time.

  • Then immediately get out of the exercise and come back to the here and now.
  • Write down your new, fresh ideas.

How long and how often?

Do this exercise for exactly as long as it feels good. You can do it daily, or as often as you feel like it … like a meditation.

In the following days and weeks, pay attention to good-feeling impulses. Act on them.

Not actionism, but inspired action.

Follow the trail of joy!

By Thomas Fuchs

*1968 in Berlin - lived in Leipzig (D) and Paris (F) - Key Account Manager - Motivational Coach - Parkour Athlete - Influencer